The pyramid 2013

Four episodes strictly connected to an infernal object: a bizarre pyramid that came into. Francesco Rossini in The Pyramid (2013) The Pyramid (2013). Official trailer of the new italian independent horror movie.

The Pyramid is a 20American horror film directed by Grégory Levasseur, produced by Alexandre Aja, and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The Pyramid (2013) -,rh:imdb. Semnalați o altă imagineSemnalați imaginile ofensatoare.

Critics Consensus: Poorly lit and thinly writ, The Pyramid houses little more than clunky dialogue, amateurish acting, and dusty found-footage . Distributie Chiara Acaccia, Luigi Bassi, Marco Battaglia. Regizat de Roberto Albanesi, Luca Alessandro, Simone Chiesa, Alex Visani, Antonio . From Empire Video comes THE PYRAMI an anthology type film centred around a mysterious Pyramid object, carved with symbols, that . THE PYRAMID is an Italian independent horror movie directed by Alex Visani,. Оригинальное название: The Pyramid Год выхода: 20Страна: Италия .