Agaricus arvensis

Ca și specie de ciupercă, Agaricus arvensis, este una comestibilă și de bună calitate, care se poate conserva ușor prin orice metodă, dar înainte de a alege . However, there are at least two genetically, biologically, and morphologically distinct species passing as Agaricus arvensis; see the comments below for details . Fruit body Horse mushrooms (Agaricus arvensis) are white to slightly tannish or yellowish with long stems that have a hanging veil.

Agaricus arvensis, Horse Mushrooidentification pictures (images), habitat, edible or poisonous; taxonomy, etymology, synonyms, similar species. Rogers Mushrooms contains information photos of the Agaricus arvensis mushroom, mushroom recipes, and details of edible poisonous mushrooms. How to identify the Horse Mushroom, Abrahams, Agaricus arvensis.

Order Agaricales, family Agaricaceae.


Agaricus arvensis is one of about species of Agaricus found in Britain. It was first described from Bavaria in 17by Jacob Christian Schaeffer. According to Agaricus expert Rick Kerrigan, the correct name for what we have been calling A. Cap 5-cm broa convex, broadly convex in age, often with a low umbo; margin incurve decurved to occasionally upturned in senescent specimens; surface . Fungorum qui in Bavaria et Palatinatu circa Ratisbonam nascuntur Icones 4: 7 t. Greiner – Agaricus arvensis arvensis subsp. Moller – Agaricus arvensis arvensis subsp. Agaricus arvensis, commonly known as the horse mushroom, is a mushroom of the genus Agaricus.

Photo: (c) Aaron Muderick, some rights . Also The Prince (agaricus augustus), Macro-Mushroom (agaricus urinescans) and Field Mushroom (agaricus campestris). Aportación al catálogo de los hongos del Real Jardín Botánico de Madri Bol. Tassonomia Divisione Basidiomycota Classe .